Since a large number of companies use trade show exhibits in their marketing campaigns, companies need to be able to customize the exhibits to suit their needs. Since both small and large exhibits are available from almost all exhibit design and manufacturing companies, it is important to understand the benefits of each so that a company can determine which best suits their needs.

Small exhibition exhibits

Smaller exhibits, including tables, kiosks, and some portable and modular inline displays, benefit companies that want a high-quality exhibit with consistent brand presentation at affordable prices. In general, the smaller the exhibit, the cheaper it is for the company.

Although tables and kiosks are usually complementary to larger exhibits providing space for literature, products, or personal items within the exhibit, these small displays also serve as a cost-effective and convenient display.

Kiosks are also very versatile, meeting customer needs with different sizes and feature options while providing a consistent brand presentation. They can be used as a supplement within the exhibition or as a separate exhibit. Other accessories can be used for kiosks including shelves, textile graphics, freestanding literature stands and also kits that create an interesting backdrop for messaging.

There are also smaller sizes for modular inline exhibits as well as portable exhibition displays that include tables, kiosks and 10-foot structures. Modular inline exhibits are ideal for exhibitors who require a custom design and structure to display their product or company image, but who also want easy portability and flexibility.

Large exhibition exhibits

While smaller exhibits are more economical and work for some businesses, the limited viewing space could limit the number of visitors to the exhibition displays. Larger exhibits have the ability to maximize visibility, allowing the exhibit to communicate a message to the audience within seconds. Exhibition displays need to make a strong first impression as they are a strong reflection of the company’s image and portray the quality of products and services that customers can expect.

Large island exhibits and portable fairs are created in 20′ x 20′ structures as well as 30′ x 30′ or larger. The presence of these exhibits is a statement for major players in the industry. Companies using these island exhibits generally want a larger presence and more space for interaction than smaller exhibits can provide.

Larger exhibits can be broken down for a myriad of design options as well as reconfigured into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Additional accessories can be used with either purchased or leased architecture for further use of these large exhibits. These exhibits give companies the flexibility they want now, with the ability to adapt to future growth.

Both small and large trade shows have challenges and benefits. Understanding the differences between the two can help a company determine which one best suits its marketing and exhibition needs.