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ICAS Convention is leading trade show for American Air Show Industry. The ICAS 2023: International Conference will be held from 4 to 7 Dec 2023 in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 2023 ICAS Convention will feature all aspects that have made it an effective and successful business gathering for more than five decades, including the exhibit hall, networking sessions, forum debates, and educational sessions. Today, the International Council of Air Shows is committed to creating and maintaining a thriving air show industry to support its membership.

About the show – ICAS 2023

In 1967, ICAS was founded in the lobby of a Milwaukee hotel when a handful of air show industry professionals recognized the need for an organization to protect and promote their interests in the growing North American air show marketplace.

From the beginning, the group recognized the need for standardization of industry practices in key areas such as safety, insurance and the manner in which the industry interacted with government and military officials.

By the summer of 1976, the group had incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, “…to provide information to air show sponsors and pilots; to promote safety at all aviation events; and to work with government agencies to develop air show safety standards.”

Although the annual ICAS Convention quickly became the centre of much of the organization’s yearly activity, the organization has since become the recognized world leader on a wide range of air show-related issues, including safety, regulatory concerns, industry standards and best practices, interaction with the military, and professional ethics.

Today, the International Council of Air Shows is dedicated to building and sustaining a vibrant air show industry to support its membership. To achieve this goal, ICAS demands that its members operate their business at only the highest levels of safety, professionalism, and integrity.

Why Must You Exhibit at ICAS Convention 2023 Las Vegas with Interior Today?

For three and a half days in Las Vegas in December hundreds of air show professionals…all with a common challenge…all eager to share information, insight and ideas…and all working to apply the lessons of the past to the challenges and opportunities of 2024 and beyond. For most air show professionals, the ICAS exhibit hall is one giant 46,000-square-foot classroom. At any given point during the ICAS Convention, it will contain – literally – every air show expert in North America.

The ICAS exhibit hall features hours of exhibit sessions in our 45,000-square-foot hall containing every air show performer, support service provider and consultant you need to plan and conduct a spectacular air show.  Think of that. Subject matter experts. All in one place. All at the same time. All willing and able to share that expertise with you.  Year in and year out, our convention delegates tell us that the exhibit sessions are the single most important part of the convention. That’s why we focus much of the organization’s attention on making it the best possible tool for introducing air show performers and support service providers to the event organizers who organize and conduct air shows.  And, to ensure that the activity on the exhibit hall floor gets the full attention of all our convention delegates, ICAS does not schedule any other meetings or events while the exhibit hall is open.

Education sessions at the International Council of Air Shows

ICAS CONFERENCE 2023 will feature dozens of educational sessions. The educational program ranges from day-long, information-packed introduction training on-air show air/ground operations held before the convention to a series of hour-long break-out sessions held at ICAS 2023. The ICAS 2023 Las Vegas education program will include some of our perennially popular sessions, as well as a slew of new programs aimed to help you see the air show industry in a new light. 

Know about the prestigious awards at ICAS Convention 2023 Trade Show

The International Council of Air Shows is known for holding prestigious award ceremonies.

  • ICAS Sword of Excellence – The International Council of Air Shows Sword of Excellence has been a symbol of excellence in air shows since 1981. The award was established in 1981 to honour those who have achieved the highest levels of success in the air show industry. Since then, the ICAS Sword of Excellence has risen in prominence and awareness at ICAS CONFERENCE 2023.
  • Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award – Each year, the 2023 ICAS Convention Las Vegas presents the Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award to the air show act or performer who best exhibits Art Scholl’s showmanship abilities.
  • Dick Schram Memorial Community Relations Award – The Dick Schram Memorial Community Relations Award is given annually to a military base that, in organizing and carrying out an air show or other air event, exemplifies not only traditional community relations by taking into account the needs of its civilian neighbours, but also establishes new benchmarks of excellence in this field by involving its community in the event’s planning, execution, and celebration.
  • ICAS Pinnacle Award– ICAS Pinnacle Awards at ICAS 2023 Las Vegas aims to highlight the professionalism, creativity in problem-solving and all-around excellence in all aspects of managing and operating air shows.

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