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Smarter Faster Payments is the premier payments industry’s annual conference. Smarter Faster Payments is Nacha’s annual conference, providing unparalleled payment education, a dynamic exhibit hall, and valuable networking opportunities. The Smarter Faster Payments Conference (Payments 2024) will be held in Las Vegas on 6-9 May 2024.

This industry event is designed for a diversity of organizations that are interested in driving innovation, delivering value through new solutions and services, and employing these offerings to meet their business needs and/or those of their customers.

For those new to Smarter Faster Payments, the conference is the choice venue for new and seasoned payments professionals from financial institutions, solutions providers, and corporates to come learn and engage through educational sessions, an exhibit hall, and a variety of networking opportunities.

Why Exhibit in Smarter Faster Payments 2024 Las Vegas with Interior Today?

With more than 2,000 buyers, influencers and recommenders, this is an opportunity for exhibitors to get to know them, generate new leads, meet with current customers, and place their brand at the forefront.

Why Attend?

The Payments conference is Nacha’s annual conference, providing unparalleled payments education, a dynamic exhibit hall, and valuable networking opportunities. This industry event is designed for a diversity of organizations that are interested in driving innovation, delivering value through new solutions and services, and employing these offerings to meet their business needs and/or those of their customers.

The conference also features notable keynote speakers who will share their perspectives on the future of payments. Participants will also get an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits.

Additionally, the show offers attendees unique opportunities to interact with speakers, solution providers and fellow attendees immersed in the payments industry. In the exhibit hall, they also get to learn more about today’s financial technology products and solutions.

  • Compliance & Regulatory
    • Action Steps for Managing & Responding to Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers
    • A Conversation with the CFPB
    • CFPB Programs and Resources for Stakeholders, Older Consumers and Financial Caregivers
    • Banking the Cannabis Industry
    • Examining the CFPB`s Regulatory Priorities in the Biden Administration Era
    • Eliminating Credential Sharing in an Open Banking Market
    • Recent Developments in Electronic Payments Law
    • Nacha`s Vision for the Future of Risk Management
    • Thinking Like a Cop to Prevent Crypto crime
    • Sanctions
  • ACH
    • ACH State of the Union
    • ACH & Crypto: A Match Made in Heaven?
    • Leveraging Identity & Bank-Linked Data to Improve Customer Onboarding to the ACH Network
    • High-Risk Originator Management in the Cannabis Banking Ecosystem
    • The ACH Revolution: Becoming the de Facto Open Banking Payments Rail
    • Spotlight Session: Successfully Developing an ACH Operations Governance Model
    • The Evolution of Client Authorizations
  • Disruptive Ideas & Technologies
    • Community Bank & Credit Union Crypto Perspectives
    • Aliasing
    • Finally Frictionless, Instant Cross Border Payments?
    • Digital Transformation of the Buyer/Supplier Experience
    • Locked in to Open Banking
    • Globalize Me: Latest Trends and Success Stories in Global Payment Integration
    • Open Payments Fight club
    • Machine Learning and Ethics: The Future of Fighting Model Bias and Payments Fraud
    • Pay By Bank: Unbundling the Payments Value Chain
    • Overcoming Challenges in International Account Validation
    • The Future of Payments in the Metaverse
    • Spotlight Session: Payment Transformation & Migration to Real-Time Payments
    • The Open Banking Paradigm: Decisioning in the Digital Marketplace
    • The Global State of Central Bank Digital Currencies
    • Voice Payments, the New Frontier!
    • Unlocking the Power of Consumer Bank Data for Financial Institutions
  • Cybersecurity & Risk
    • Benchmarking Payments Fraud Trends in the U.S
    • A Legal Perspective on Indemnity Agreements: How, When and Why
    • Detect, Deter and Prevent Authorized Fraud Scams
    • Consumer Fraud
    • Executive Session: Navigating Payments Security and Privacy in the New World: Metaverse, Web3 & NFTs
    • Executive Session: Fighting Back Against Payment Fraud: Industry Best Practices
    • Killing the Fraud Monster: Understanding the Latest Weapons to Protect Your Payments
    • Is Your Treasury Function Safe in Today`s Hybrid Work Environment?
    • Payments Fraud in a Digital World: A Growing Risk
    • Overcoming the Stigma: Third-Party Risks & How to Effectively Mitigate Them
    • Protecting Your Accounts Payable Team from Emerging B2B Payment Fraud Threats
    • Practical Tactics for Fighting Cybercrime Financial Fraud
    • The Evolution of Synthetic Identities & Fraud
    • Spotlight Session: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Combat Account Takeover & Impersonation
    • Using Automated Reconciliation of Payments to Mitigate Risk
    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Successfully Deploying Risk Mitigation Tools in the Payments Landscape
  • Payments in Practice
    • Maximizing Banking Value Through Your Clients` Existing ERP System
    • What Real-Time Payments & Earned Wage Access Will Help Employers Through the Big Quit
    • The Digital Payments Bullseye: Easy Options for Sending Fast, Secure Payments to Everyone
    • Passing the Torch to “Next Generation” Payments Professionals
  • Faster Payments Experience
    • Canadian Faster Payments: Lessons Learned from the Real-Time Rail
    • Beyond Buy Now Pay Later — A Look at the Future of “Care Now, Pay Later” Healthcare
    • Enabling Success in Consumer Bill Pay
    • Constructing a Faster Payments Strategy
    • Feed the Need for Speed! Why FIs Should Unite to Connect Global Faster Payments
    • Fed Now Update with FI participating in the pilot
    • International Remittances: A Money Movement Lifeline Ripe for Digitization
    • How Embedded Finance is Redefining Faster Payments for SMBs
    • Spotlight Session: Payment Palooza…Where Should You Place Your Bets?
    • Maximizing Embedded Payment Experiences Through Integrated Partnerships
    • The Death of Customer Service
    • Subscriptions & Payments: A Perfect Pairing for Businesses and Consumers
    • Using Biller Directors to Facilitate Faster Payments
    • Unlocking the Power of Embedded Payments
  • Small to Large Business Perspectives
    • Creating a Digital Highway: The Road to Transforming B2B Payments
    • Navigating Customer Service in the Current social media and Generational Climate
    • Seamless B2B Payments: When Transformational Technologies Meet Traditional Processes
    • Payments Hubs
  • Practical Strategies
    • Big Opportunities Onboarding Micro and Small Business
    • AI`s Future Impact on Treasury Functions
    • Could Central Bank Digital Currency Increase Financial Inclusion in the United States?
    • Building a Stronger U.S. Financial Market Through Inclusion
    • Federal Reserve Town Hall
    • Downsides of Data
    • Future is in the Cards: The Growing Trend Toward Virtual Cards
    • Fintech partnerships with a consumer focus
    • Show Me the Money: Cash Remains in Demand
    • Future State 2030: How Will Treasury and Payments Evolve?
    • TradFi and DeFi: Delivering New Customer Value
  • Smarter Payments Experience
    • Driving Adoption of Real-Time Payments
    • Accelerating the Shift to Digital Payments
    • How Millennials and Gen Z are Driving Interest in Embedded Finance
    • Exploring Advancements from The Clearing House
    • NFTs
    • Metaverse 101

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