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The INTERMACH is a renowned trade fair for mechanical engineering, held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The INTERMACH will take place from 15 to 18 May 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. BITEC is a modern and impressive exhibition centre located in Bang Na, an important business district of Bangkok, Thailand, offering first-class event facilities.

About the show: INTERMACH 2024

The Intermach was founded in 1984 and has taken place annually ever since. The organizer of INTERMACH is Informa Markets, a global leader in trade fairs, conferences, and events, specializing in innovative events and networking platforms for industry leaders.

INTERMACH in Bangkok, Thailand, covers a broad spectrum of industries, everything from oil to aerospace. Moving into the 39th year we are now at the heart of introducing the latest technology and modern machinery for manufacturing and related industries. We are now gathering decision makers and quality buyers from all over ASEAN, and raising the level of business success in the industry so as to be able to compete in the era of real-life opportunities.

INTERMACH and MTA Asia the 1st industrial machinery exhibition of the year, provides the perfect opportunity for a business platform that combines intelligent solutions in the era of production with efficient machinery. By offering to showcase advanced machinery software with related equipment, plus increasing work skills, creativity for the industry is put to good use.

The 39th INTERMACH presents the integration of advanced technology solutions in manufacturing processes across the value chain. Technologies such as industry 4.0, AI, Industrial IoT, AR/VR, Advanced Robotics, Automations, 3D Printing, Cloud and Big Data analytics are transforming the manufacturing industry in a significant way.

  • The greatest collection of sheet metal fabrication machinery for the sheet metal industry.
  • Special Zones showcasing latest technologies including Advanced Measuring Technology, Design Additive for manufacturing, iAR zone
  • Important seminars that enhance the potential of industrial entrepreneurs: INTERMACH Forum, Future Automotive, Z-EV@30, and etc.
  • The 1st time for Plastic and Rubber Thailand with Plastic & Rubber Forum Seminar
  • The return of over 1500 brands from 45 countries around the world showcasing industrial technologies Machine Tools, Welding, Automation & Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Metrology to integrate with modern manufacturing.

Highlight Features at INTERMACH 2024

  • Advanced Metrology: Metrology is an initiative that has advanced significantly over recent years due to businesses generally moving towards and digitally transformed business models.
  • Air Compressor Technology: Air Compressors nowadays, have Internet of Thing (IOT) connection technology to collect data and users can check their performance anytime, anywhere via Notebook, PC, Tablet and Smart Phone, which will be able to notify if the system is working.
  • Smart Machining Centre & Machine Tools: Industry trends today are going to change in line with the mega trends of global business. We have clearly started to see changes over the past 3 years. 2023 is an important time for manufacturers to enhance their technological capability and be able to manufacturer parts that meet the market’s changing needs.
  • Sheet Metal Technology: This year is considered a time of structural reforms in the manufacturing industry and the sheet metal parts manufacturing sector in particular. This is because prices for all raw materials have risen higher across world market.
  • 3D Printing Technology & Software: The Innovations on technological product are rapidly changing today. 3D printing technology & related software innovation is another technology trend that is gaining a lot of attention in the manufacturing industry, such as the automotive parts, medical device, aviation, industry, architecture which Thailand is currently considered a country that uses Additive Manufacturing technology in second place in the ASEAN region after Singapore and has Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6%

Why exhibit at INTERMACH 2024 Bangkok with Interior Today?

INTERMACH & MTA Asia is the first international industrial machinery and subcontracting event of the year. It enables machinery-makers to display their latest technology and manufacturing machinery in Machine Tools, AI Robotics & Automation to serious decision-makers from across ASEAN. INTERMACH & MTA Asia proudly presents advanced technologies for utilizing smart manufacturing.

Reasons to Exhibit at INTERMACH 2024 Thailand

  • Smart machines from over 1,500 brands in Machine Tool, Robotics & Automations, Laser Cutting Technology and more.
  • Leading international pavilions from around the world.
  • The most comprehensive technology of Sheet Metal Fabrication, especially the Fibre Laser.
  • Advanced Zone featuring cutting edge technologies, automation, software and robotics i.e., Factory 4.0, (Ro) Bot Hub, Additive Manufacturing and more!
  • More than 50 seminars and workshops i.e., INTERMACH Forum Technologies in Manufacturing; Future Automotive Forum; Japanese Seminars: and other topics related to the future industry.

Reasons to Attend the INTERMACH 2024 Thailand

  • Cutting-Edge Technology 1.500 brands from 45 countries.
  • INTERMACH FORUM on Technologies in Manufacturing.
  • Smart Factory Showcase & Seminar – the lines operating with ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION Technologies.
  • MOLD SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP conducted by top Japanese experts and specialists.
  • 50 MAJOR SEMINARS, CONFERENCES and SPECIAL ACTIVITIES related to the future industries.
  • BUSINESS MATCHING EVENT with Part-makers exclusively supported by BOI

Why Visit?

We provide an opportunity and shortcut to help support entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain access to innovation and technology for various industries. This year’s event will feature high-tech machinery, robotics and automation for the future automotive industry, aerospace, moulds and metalworking. The technology will also provide an important platform for entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to upgrade their business through the use of the latest technology so as to achieve maximum efficiency.


When does Intermach 2024 Thailand take place?

The last edition of Intermach 2023 was held in Bangkok from 10 May 2023 to 13 May 2023 and the next edition is expected to be held in the month of May 2024.

Where is taking place Intermach 2024 Thailand?

Intermach 2024 takes place in Bangkok, Thailand and is held at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) on the street Debaratana Road 88 in city. Other Industrial fairs trade shows in Bangkok

What is exhibited in Intermach 2024 Thailand?

In Intermach 2024 there are appointments with national and international exhibitors Industrial fairs, other trade shows in Industrial fairs

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